I Love Thailand: The Old Capitals
Thailand Slide Show, Part 3

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Thailand's ancient capitals

/lop^bu'rii-/ (Lopburi): a small old town, once a capital of Thailand. The central three-Prang temple ruins (in the background; their picture is on the 500 Baht notes, btw) are today inhabited by monkeys. Cross the rails and walk over to the monkey temple (next image).

On the eastern side of the railroad tracks in /lop^bu'rii-/ (Lopburi) lies the monkey temple. A wellknown ghost lives here who, when bribed with temple dances and a pig, fulfills your wishes.

/su'kho+thai-/ (Sukhothai), one of the most famous old capitals beside /lop^bu'rii-/ (Lopburi), /a'yut^tha^yaa-/ (Ayutthaya), Thonburi and /grung-theep''/ (Bangkok), has many old Buddha Statues and temple ruins. Still today do worshippers decorate the old stone figures with gold leaves.

One of my favorite shots: a boy covering the Buddha's finger with a gold leaf. This is a huge Buddha Statue sitting inside a stone tower just outside of /su'kho+thai-/ (Sukhothai).

Monks worshipping at the huge Buddha Statue inside the stone tower just outside of /su'kho+thai-/ (Sukhothai). A couple of years ago it was still possible to climb though a tiny passage inside the tower walls to the top and look down onto the Buddha.


When you leave old /su'kho+thai-/ (Sukhothai) to the west, you feel like entering the country side. For miles you'll see just nature, a few broken ruins and a dusty pathway.

This famous Buddha Head can be found in /a'yut^tha^yaa-/ (Ayutthaya). Many years ago, the Buddha Statue was destroyed (by the Burmese?) and the head fell to the ground. But the trees' roots erected it again: a sign that Buddhism will always survive.

One of the reclining Buddha statues found in /a'yut^tha^yaa-/ (Ayutthaya). In old times, the was a roof above and a temple around Him. The temple burned down, but the Buddha remained. Today, roses (very precious flowers in Thailand) are blooming outside of the temple.

Another reclining Buddha statue found in /a'yut^tha^yaa-/ (Ayutthaya). In the old times, this Buddha was inside a temple as well. Enjoy the calm atmosphere here.

A very old Buddha statue, brought to Thailand from Sri Lanka during the first centuries of our epoch, can be found in this temple in /a'yut^tha^yaa-/ (Ayutthaya).

©1997-2001 Martin Kraemer
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