I Love Thailand: The Northeast
Thailand Slide Show, Part 7

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The Northeast /ii-saan+/(Esarn)

Phi Mai, a small village close to Korat, is famous for a very well reconstructed Khmer temple site. Originally it was built between 1100 AD and 1300 AD, and is part of a "Khmer Temple Line" that covers many Khmer temples from Phi Mai to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Another very impressive temple on this straight line to Angkor is Phanom Rung, also found in the Northeast.
This photo was taken inside the temple complex: a painter catches the atmosphere of the afternoon still life inside the Phi Mai temple.
The whole village of Phi Mai was constructed by the Khmer in a strictly rectangular street layout, the temple being at the intersection of the two main streets. This photograph was taken from outside the city gate, looking through the gate and along the main street right into (and even through) the very center of the temple. In the 50's, the temple was reconstructed after lying in ruins for many centuries.
The Phi Mai temple impresses with its finely decorated hand-carved sand-stone lintels which still show the beauty of the original (mainly hinduistic) religious scenes. Often you'll see monks visiting the old temple sites.

©1997-2001 Martin Kraemer
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