I Love Thailand: The Islands
Thailand Slide Show, Part 6

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The Islands

Just before sunset, we arrive on this island; we watch the ferry man as the sun begins to set in beautiful red.
No filters, no color tricks. This is the original slide. Another beautiful sunset on this dream island.
/kO'pii-pii-/ (Koh Phiphi, pronounced: gaw pee pee), a small island in the andaman sea. You can get here from Phuket or from Krabi. No, it's not me on this picture.
Climb the hill of /kO'pii-pii-/ (Koh Phiphi) and have a look at the sandy beachy village. Yes, it is a very small island.
/kO'sa'mui+/ (Koh Samui), one of Thailand's largest islands, houses the famous "Buddha Beach" with a gigantic Buddha statue overlooking the bay. This is also (beside Phuket) the most touristy island of Thailand.
I'm not going to tell you where this picture was taken, but you'll find out anyway sooner or later. According to the people living there, it's the only island with three adjoining sandy beaches.
And another sunset, this time on /kO'sa'med''/ (Koh Samed), a small island about 3 hours from Bangkok. Some years ago, it used to be almost unknown as a recreation spot except to a few students from Bangkok who hiked there for the weekend, equipped only with a few Baht, a guitar and a sleeping bag. Today, mass tourism has just begun to destroy this beautiful place.

©1997-2001 Martin Kraemer
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